UK & Europe

A trip to Europe is an education in the classics: gaze at a Monet in the Musée d'Orsay in Paris; listen to Beethoven performed in a concert hall in Berlin; pay homage to the gods of Greek mythology in the Acropolis in Athens. It’s awe-inspiring natural beauty: sublime alpine vistas; the azure waters of the Mediterranean; the finely chiselled fiords of Norway. It’s an epic history lesson: crumbling ruins and fairytale castles, some still home to royal dynasties; the remnants of the Berlin Wall and the horrors of German concentration camps; cobblestone streets and preserved architecture that transport travellers back through the ages. It’s a gastronomic adventure: dining al fresco on mouth-watering local fare haggled over in bustling markets; flaky croissants, bought still warm from a village bakery; local brews enjoyed in boisterous beer halls or out-of-the-way country inns. Go feast yourself.

Places in UK & Europe