Thailand is the most visited country in Southeast Asia due to its superb cuisine and tropical climate. Plus of course, the fascinating culture that brings you lavish royal palaces and historic ruins along with elaborate temples featuring Budda statues. Let's not forget the outstanding tropical beaches as well. 

There are numerous tourist attractions in Thailand. You could choose just simply a beach destination, or an island holiday allowing you to completely relax along with a touch of snorkeling while taking in the staggering natural beauty of this country. Then there is the incredible mountainous terrain of Thailand offering multiple walking tracks. Just imagine a half-day bush walk to find yourself rewarded with amazing views and access to something called a Tiger Cave Temple!

This South-East Asian gem has something for everyone, regardless of budget, from haggling for deals at a night market to indulging in a Thai massage, or perfecting a curry at a cookery school. 

The renowned temples of Wat Arun, Wat Pho, and the Emerald Buddha Temple coexist among canalside villages and an ultra-modern metropolis in the capital of Bangkok with chic rooftop bars, and delectable roadside food stalls, offering an intoxicating blend of chaos and spirituality.