Why choose this destination: Its quite a unique spot, the money in Monaco is just unbelievable, there is so much to see and its close to a lot of other amazing spots.

What’s great: The people watching, the car spotting – it’s the opposite of most places, the norm is the flash sports cars – it's hard to spot just a normal older car! The boats are huge – you can just spend ages wandering around! We walked around some of the Formula One track – saw the Start/Finish line, hairpin and where they go through the tunnel which was cool. We had a swim at the beach when it just got too hot and had a beer overlooking the marina, watching million dollar boats come and go. There's the casino there also so something for everyone really! We had a great day there.

Where to stay: We based ourselves up on the hill above Monaco in a little village called Eze - instead of in Monaco itself, we stayed at Hotel Les Terrasses d’Eze and it was great. We could walk down to the bus to get into Monaco and it was nice and quiet in Eze. There were a few little shops by the Bus stop and a couple of yummy restaurants. We liked being out of Monaco and loved staying in smaller places (when it was convenient enough!) just to experience the locals and see some different sights you don’t often see when staying in the big cities etc.

Culinary recommendation: We loved just finding little local restaurants off the beaten track, we tried so many different places and had some delicious food by just winging it when we were out and about instead of sticking to the main touristy areas.

How to get around: We had a rental car, but decided to bus into Monaco, when there we just walked around instead which is a great way to see more! Getting a bit lost from time to time is all part of the fun.

Insider tip(s): you probably don’t need too much time here, we just spent one day looking around, you could probably fill two days but you don’t need too much time if, like us, its just a stop on your way through.

If you have time: Wander around some of the Formula One track, check out the boats in the marina and just walk around and see the sights that way

Travel essentials: Always carry togs and a towel! We ended up paying a huge amount to buy a towel in Monaco so we could go for a swim and forgot to bring one! Won't make that rookie mistake again!

Be aware: Things can be quite expensive in Monaco so it's not really the place to do much shopping but it's worth going to as it's such a beautiful place with some amazing things to see.