A Holiday on Two Wheels

 If you've never done a group cycling tour, here are 5 reasons why it should be next on your bucket list! 

1. Enjoy the camaraderie
Choosing to take on an adventure like a cycling tour, will inevitably put you in touch with like-minded people. As you take on this challenge, you will discover a new sense of camaraderie, and you may even make friends for life!

2. Travel at Leisure
When you travel by bicycle you go at your own pace, it feels a lot more leisurely. If you want to stop and take a photo, all you need to do is put on the brakes, pull over and snap away. Places can be explored more in-depth, as there is a variety of places that can be accessed, taking you further off the beaten track to places that cannot be accessed by busloads of day-trippers. Choosing to travel by bicycle will allow you to fully immerse yourself in your destination and the landscape. As you cycle past, you'll experience sights, sounds and smells that you wouldn't experience through the window of a car. You'll discover the delight of stunning landscapes at a slower pace. Whilst pedalling you will have plenty of time to look around, hear the birdsong and smell the flora.

3. No navigation skills required
If you take part in a guided bike tour, then you won't get lost! All that's left for you to do is relax and enjoy the ride. There will be no need for you to spend hours consulting maps and potentially cycling in the wrong direction. 

4. Reap the rewards!
Cycling certainly burns calories! After spending a few hours or days on your bicycle, you can tuck into gourmet dinners and sample delicious local wines you like without any guilt! Taking a bike tour adds an extra dimension of achievement. At the end of each day, as you toast with your new friends, you will find a new sense of achievement knowing you are traversing the country under your own pedal power!


5. Leave it to the experts

When you go on a cycling tour, the experts will take the time to select the right size bike for you and make adjustments for the perfect fit. Any bike maintenance issues along the way can also be fixed by your guide. A comfortable riding position can make such a difference when cycling for long periods of time!

YOU Travel have a range of cycling and walking tours. We can help you find the best one based on your desired activity level! Here we have a short guide so you can let us know what works best for you!

  • Level 1  -  What's the rush? You would like to walk about 2 -3 hours per day on gentle trails. Your focus is less on building up a sweat and more on enjoying the finer things in life!
  • Level 2 - Leg Stretcher - You would like to walk about 2-4 hours per day on gentle trails, with no multi-day hikes. You're interested in other activities as well, such as easy bicycling and kayaking, around 1 -3 hours a day.
  • Level 3 - Earn your lunch - You would like to walk around 3-6 hours per day on well-formed backcountry trails.  You are fine with some significant gradient inclines and declines, trips may have some moderate altitude areas, though these don’t form the focus of the trip and are generally manageable. You're interested in other activities as well, such as easy bicycling and kayaking, around 1 -3 hours a day. 
  • Level 4 - Challenge Accepted - You would like to walk 4-6 hours with nearly always ascents and descents. Some trips will reach a significant altitude (with help to manage this). There are trip options to allow you to be on two wheels or with a paddle in your hand for most of the day if you'd like.

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    Words and images used with permission from Active Adventures.