01 October 2020

Our New Normal!!!

The impact of Covid-19 has been enormous on our business and we have continued to look at all ways to reduce our overheads, as such we’ve made the difficult decision to move out of our store space here at The Base and to work remotely, like we did in the initial lock down period. to do so from our remote location.

We will continue to provide you with the efficent and professional service as we have always done including any New Zealand holidays you have been keen to do. When you want to see us or we need to see you, then we’ll come to you! We are more than happy to meet at a suitable location for a cup of something.

You can still contact either Connie Roulston or Sandra Parker via email and phone:
Phone: 027 394 8805
Email: [email protected] or general enquires on [email protected]

We are really looking forward to helping you with all your travel needs once the skies and seas are open, see you then.

Warm regards
Connie & Sandra

YOU Travel Hamilton!

We are a one stop travel service provider, offering a variety of travel services which sets us apart from your average travel agency and puts us way ahead of any anonymous connection you might make on the internet.

At YOU Travel Hamilton, we use the vast range of travel products and tools available to us, as well as our first hand knowledge of over 150 destinations around the globe, to design travel itineraries custom made and unique to your requirements.

Contact us today and let our friendly staff offer you the travel advice that the internet fail to do. We can’t wait to meet you!

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YOU Travel Hamilton
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By appointment only
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