Canada & Alaska

Canada is a country renowned for its stop-and-gawk beauty and its love of the great outdoors. Even the cities have been carefully designed to preserve metropolitan green belts and parklands, ensuring that Canadians are never far from their natural heritage. The country has a French and British colonial heritage, which is reflected in its cuisine, culture and customs, mixed in with the legacy of the country's own enigmatic aboriginal First Nations history. To Canada’s west, the relatively untouched wilderness of Alaska has a ‘Last Frontier’ feel. A lack of roads between towns and scenic wonders make the waters of Alaska’s Inside Passage one of the world’s top cruise destinations. Take to the water to see the work of glaciers that have sliced through Alaska leaving dramatic fiords in their wake. Across the region’s roof, the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis can paint the night sky with breathtakingly surreal colours.